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Music Ministry

Reconciling our community and the world to God through Jesus Christ

Music Ministry

For all successful Christians, making time each day to worship and praise God is essential. It is not just something we do, but rather the very essence of who we are. There are many ways to express worship, and all of them are potent tools in the hands of the Almighty. 

Our Music Ministry is here to develop and support those who embrace the calling to lead others into the presence of the Almighty God, through the gift and anointing of vocal music, instrument playing, songwriting, and more. Our Music Ministry exists to train and support those who have accepted the call to lead others.

God calls us to steward the gifts that he has given us and this department focuses on the mentoring, training, and practice necessary for us to use our gifts at the highest level possible to bring glory to our God! We strive to equip with the tools to pursue excellence in various musical genres.

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