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Our Founders

Reconciling our community and the world to God through Jesus Christ

Bishop Timothy L. Witcher


Pastor Luella P. Witcher


Discover the Legacy of Our Founders

Our founders, Bishop Timothy L. Witcher and Pastor Luella P. Witcher, started their ministry on July 20, 1969. At the ministry’s inception, it was named Mt. Carmel Community Church. Since Bishop Witcher was a serviceman in the United States Air Force, the ministry was largely comprised of service men and women from George Air Force Base in Victorville, California. The Witchers had a deep desire to see individuals of all backgrounds and nationalities brought into the Kingdom of God. Therefore, that desire compelled them to reach outside “service” walls into the High Desert community to win souls within the region. In essence, the mission was simple: “convert as many souls as possible.”

A Visionary Leader

Bishop Witcher was a true visionary for that time. Particularly, he taught spiritual truths then that the Kingdom of God has recently come to embrace. As the church continued to expand, many military members were deployed to other parts of the United States and the world. Therefore, this led them to establish ministries under Bishop’s leadership. One of Bishop’s major convictions and goals was to unite the body of Christ irrespective of religious affiliation or denomination. As a result, he tirelessly implored ministers to pray together, fellowship together, and work together to seek the mind of Christ. In order to be an example and walk the walk of his conviction, Mt. Carmel joined forces with another local ministry in 1988. And thus, it was renamed Christian Covenant Church.

Leading by Example

Bishop and Pastor Witcher were not only spiritual leaders at Christian Covenant Church, but they were also advocates for civic engagement. They encouraged members and others to get involved in their respective communities and were often seen participating in local events for the benefit of charitable causes. Bishop Witcher led by example and was at the forefront of many of these efforts. As such, he led prayer at the City of Victorville Council meetings; served a stint as chaplain for Victor Valley and St. Mary’s Hospitals; was a member of the Kiwanis Club; assisted in establishing a home for unwed mothers; and participated in the National Day of Prayer.

Growing in Faith

As their ministry grew, so did their family. Bishop and Pastor Witcher were blessed with 6 children. Pastor Witcher stayed home to care for them, while Bishop pursued income-producing opportunities outside of the church. Additionally, they also parented many spiritual children, teaching them to grow in the fear and admonition of the Lord. From the time Bishop and Pastor Witcher first started Christian Covenant Church, their legacy of service has been passed down throughout the generations.  Through their hard work, faith, and dedication, Christian Covenant Church has remained strong and committed to reaching the lost and dying for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Uniting the Body of Christ

Christian Covenant Church is proud to honor Bishop and Pastor Witcher’s legacy of uniting the Body of Christ. We are committed to upholding the vision of our founders, to bring souls into the Kingdom of God, while uniting believers and ministries in prayer, fellowship, and service.

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